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Ultima Krav Maga was the first certified and licensed Krav Maga studio in Tucson. All black belts in Arizona under USKMA started at Ultima.


Times are Tough. We’ll Make You Tougher.

Our mission is to empower all people to stand up for themselves, and teach people how to protect themselves and their loved ones. In the words of Imi Lichtenfeld, “so that one may walk in peace.”

We provide Krav Maga for adults and youth, as well as boxing fitness and tactical gun programs.

“I would recommend Ultima to all of my family and friends. The instructors are dedicated and really care about what and how you learn. The people in class are fun and easy to be around. The classes are very insightful. Even after first day I felt better equipped and more confident.”
Barbara Mattes
“This is the start of a lot of positive changes in my life, so thank you Krav Maga and Celia and everyone’s name I haven’t learned yet…for kicking my butt!”
Deidra D'Shae
“I’VE NEVER FELT BETTER! See you later this week! And thank you for allowing me to train with such great people!”
Audra Ruthland


Celia Webb
Celia WebbOwner, 2nd Degree Black Belt

I have always wanted to learn martial arts. Ever since I was a little girl and watched Bruce Lee movies, I wanted to be able to defeat those who tried to hurt me. I did not get to practice martial arts until I started high school and instead of regular PE, we were taught Tae Kwon Do.

I practiced it for two years until I moved to a different high school, and then went on to college. In college I met the man who would become my husband, an exchange student from Southern Oregon University. We got married, and I came to live in the United States. I had two beautiful boys and was a stay-at-home mom. I felt safe and protected having my husband around. Especially after he joined the Border Patrol and we came to live to Arizona in July of 2004.

He taught me how to load and shoot a gun, but that was the extent of what I thought was “self-defense.”

We lived in a small town where 7 out of my 10 neighbors were agents. We all knew each other, so I still felt safe even when he was gone to work.

Unfortunately my husband was killed in the line of duty in a single-vehicle rollover accident in November of 2006. It was one week after my 26th birthday, and my sons were 3 and 6 years old. There was no more safety for me. I knew that if we were attacked, it would be up to me to protect myself and my children. I had to be prepared.

I moved to Tucson and joined The Ultima for their Krav Maga program. I was very attracted to it because it did not have any “forms” or “katas.” After two years practicing Tae Kwon Do, nobody had told me what to do if someone attacked me with a knife, or if I was being choked. I learned that within the first hour of joining The Ultima. I attended all my classes at the East side, three times per week and was able to test to level 2 after only 4 months training. In reality I felt safer after three weeks of Krav, than I had ever felt after 2 years in Tae Kwon Do.

The following spring I was offered a position as an instructor. I felt honored that I would be teaching others such an important skill! I trained under Mark Slane, CEO of the United States Krav Maga Association, along with 6 other very talented young instructors. I felt humbled and honored to train with them. When the level 2 instructor training opportunity came up, I did not doubt it for a minute.

So there I was on my way up, learning more and more ways to protect myself and my loved ones. I became majority owner in September of 2011 and continued my training as a student. Always a student, sometimes a teacher. As of April of 2014, I and three other very talented instructors who I am proud to call my friends, obtained our Black Belts in Krav Maga under USKMA. It was an amazing experience to say the least. I never thought I could accomplish it, but with their encouragement and lots of hard work, I did it. We did it.

I am also a Certified NRA and Kali instructor, and I obtained my 2nd Degree Black Belt in April of 2016.


Times Are Tough

We’ll make you tougher. We offer a variety of programs to fit your self-defense and fitness goals.